DINNER: A La Carte


Mozzarella and Anchovies (L, G, P)
Lamon Bean Cream (P, G)
Chicken Liver Patè (G)
Tomato and Basil

2 pieces (also assorted) € 4,00
3 pieces € 5,00
4 pieces € 7,00


Mozzarella and Anchovies € 7,00


Fried Codfish* (Gluten Free) € 8,00
(G, A, P)

Mozzarelle in Carrozza € 8,00
with Anchovies (4 pieces per portion) (G, L, P, U)

Potato Croquettes € 1,50/piece
with Scamorza Cheese and Ham (minimum 2 pieces) (L, U, G)

Supplì Rice Balls € 2,00/piece
(L, U, G, Sd)


Salad Composition:
Lettuce, Canasta, Curly Endive, Radicchio, Baby Lettuce and Valerianella, composed according to market availability, served with the best Orvieto olive oils.

Tuna Salad (Gluten Free) € 9,00
Mixed Greens, Tuna, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Spinach and Corn. (P)

Steamed Baccalà Salad* (Gluten Free) € 9,00
with Cherry Tomaotes and Taggiasche Olives. (P)

Fresh Goat Cheese Salad (Gluten Free) € 8,00
with Fresh Goat Cheese from Azienda Agraria Fattoria di Ma'Falda, Pears and Walnuts. (L, F)

Chicken Salad (Gluten Free) € 8,00
Mixed Greens, Peaches and Cucumbers.

Caprese (Gluten Free) (L) € 8,00
Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil

Mixed Salad (Gluten Free)
Large € 6,00 Small € 4,00
with Vinagrette or Citronette dressing made according to the house or customer's personal taste.


Zucchine Flan (Gluten Free) € 6,00
with Pecorino Cheese Sauce (L, U)

Tuna Belly in Olive Oil “Carlo Forte” (Gluten Free) € 12,00
Con Capers and Olives (P)

Wild Alaskan Red King Salmon (Gluten Free) € 12,00
with sour cream and butter (L, P)

Pecorino Cheese Flan (Gluten Free) € 6,00
with Pears and Cinnamon (L)

Cantabrian Sea Anchovies (Gluten Free) € 9,00
with Sweet Chive Butter and Warm Bread (L, P, G)

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers € 8,00
with Ricotta Cheese (L)

Mixed Cold Cuts (Gluten Free) € 9,00
Tuscan Prosciutto, Salami, Capocollo and Lombetto

Mixed Cheeses (Gluten Free) (L) € 12,00

Tuscan Prosciutto and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana (Gluten Free) (L) € 12,00

Raw Milk Cheeses

Vera Pecora Toscana (L)
Roquefort (L)
Pecorino from Crotone (L)
Fontina from Alpeggio, served with compotes and mustard (L)

€ 12,00

Soups and Pasta

Fresh pastas are made in our kitchen.

Vegetable Lasagna € 8,00
with Real Orvieto Sheep's Cheese, Leeks, Carrots and Zucchini (G, U, L)

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli € 8,00
with Tomato Sauce or Butter and Sage (G, U, L)

Umbrichelli with Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes (Gluten Free) € 8,00
Gluten free option with pennette pasta (G, L, F)

Fettuccine with Fresh Tomato Sauce (Gluten Free) € 10,00
Gluten free option with spaghetti (Sd, G, L)

Spaghetti with Ragù (Gluten Free) € 8,00
Ragù with Piemontese Beef, gluten free option with pennette pasta (G)

Tonnarelli Cheese and Black Pepper (Gluten Free) € 8,00
with fresh fave beans and Orvieto pecorino cheese, gluten free option with spaghetti

Vegetable Soup (Gluten Free) € 8,00
with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion and tomato, served on request with rosemary flavored crostini (Sd, L)

Cream of Asparagus Soup (Gluten Free) € 8,00
with smoked ricotta (L)

Meat & Fish

Roast Beef Seasoned with Olio and Lemon (Gluten Free) € 12,00
with roasted potatoes

Scaloppine with Lemon € 10,00
with sauteed seasonal vegetables (G)

Sliced "Fassona Piemontese" Beef (Gluten Free) € 15,00
with arugula and cherry tomatoes

Marinated Chicken Breast Milanese Style € 12,00
with french fries

Roasted Cod Fillet (Gluten Free) € 12,00
seasoned with olive oil, and served with potatoes

Produce from the Garden

Sauteed Spinach (Gluten Free) € 7,00
seasoned with spicy pepper and garlic

French Fries (Gluten Free)
Large € 7,00 Small € 4,00

Roasted Potatoes (Gluten Free)
Large € 7,00 Small € 4,00

Grilled Vegetables
Large € 7,00 Small € 4,00 (L)

Desserts of the Montanucci Pastry Shop

Torta al Semolino € 4,50
with dark chocolate

Torta della Nonna € 4,50
with pastry cream and almonds

Torta del Nonno € 4,50
with chocolate cream and pine nuts

Torta alla Frutta € 4,50
with pastry cream and fresh fruit

Torta ricotta e ciliegie € 4,50
with ricotta cheese and cherries

Torta crema e visciole € 4,50
with ricotta cheese and sour cherries

Crostata € 4,50
with jam of your choice: sour cherry, cherry, apricot, quince, peach, orange, or plum

Artisan Gelato in cup € 4,50
Flavors: fiordilatte, stracciatella, ricotta, panna cotta, croccante, cherry, pistachio, hazelnut, gianduja, coffee, chocolate, lemon, cream, wild berries, strawberry, raspberry

Strawberry Semifreddo € 4,50

Cream Semifreddo € 4,50

Fresh Strawberries* € 4,50
with whipped cream

Warm Cream Filled Donut* € 2,00
with pastry cream

* Check availability

Dishes containing allergens will be marked with:

Peanuts = A
Soy = S
Milk = L
Celery = Sd

Mustard = Sn
Sesame= Sm
Shellfish = F
Molluscs = M

Gluten = G
Crustaceans = C
Eggs = U
Fish = P

The foods and beverages we serve are produced in kitchens and served in places where products containing the following allergens are used, peanut-soy-milk-celery-mustard-sesame-shellfish-molluscs-gluten-crustaceans-eggs-fish and you can not rule out cross contamination.

Dishes can be made gluten-free on request.
Some items may be frozen if they cannot be found fresh at market.
For hygienic and sanitary reasons we employ the use of the cold chain proceeding slaughter of our products.